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Hey, I am

Carolina Guimarães.

My photography and I are the result of everything that crosses me: the people I met, the places I visited, the books I read, films that touched me, and all the inspirations and dreams that I carry with me.

I invite you to create memories of the most special moments of your life and be touched through my eyes: light and spontaneous. Let's tell your stories together through images full of meaning, emotion and affection.


Moments pass, but pictures remain.



+ 49 160 5794648

Regensburg, Germany

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Kind words

Portraitshootings of a woman in black and white
"I've done a lot of photo shoots with her and it's wonderful, light, easy, and the photos are so beautiful that my self-esteem goes through the roof hahha who is this?? s2 She has also photographed family parties, and it's the coolest thing beautiful to frame and put on the wall. Such a perfect result that it makes an excellent gift too."

Sofia S.

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